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Why choose Molblly memory foam mattress?

The Molblly ventilated gel memory foam mattress sleep cooler than other brand memory foam mattresses because it has a breathable mattress cover and contains cooling gel.

The rest of this article will provide a more detailed review of the Molblly memory foam mattress so you can decide if this mattress is suitable for you.

Why choose Molblly Mattress 

Molblly Memory Foam Mattress Review

To briefly summarize my findings, I think the Molblly memory foam mattress is suitable for lighter weight front, back and side sleepers - 200lbs - 230lbs is the upper limit in my opinion.


And I think that if you have a thin or "bony" build, then you will really enjoy the pressure relief that memory foam provides.


However, I would not recommend this mattress for heavy and/or borderline sleepers over 230 lbs. because of the lack of edge support and the higher risk of overall sinking.


Hybrid sleepers who switch positions may also not like the feel of the memory foam because it has a slower response time and is difficult to switch positions easily.



Molblly Design Analysis

As an example of a Molblly 14" mattress, it is a medium thickness and consists of 4 separate layers.


Below is a layer-by-layer analysis of this Molblly memory foam mattress.


1) Cover

The knitted jacquard cover is soft, breathable and hypoallergenic to reduce the chance of allergic reactions.


2) Comfort Layer

The comfort layer of a mattress refers to the part of the bed that responds to the shape of your body to relieve tension in prominent areas such as your hips, shoulders and knees to keep you comfortable.


This Molblly mattress features 3 inches of gel memory foam that adapts to your exact body shape by absorbing your body heat and using it to reconfigure the molecules of the foam to give the mattress the feeling of hugging you.


This is in contrast to the traditional soft layer of a regular innerspring mattress, which doesn't allow you to sink into the material, potentially leading to increased pressure in more angled areas of your body.


And underneath the memory foam, you'll find 2 inches of high-density comfort foam that provides resistance and bounce.


Overall, I would say that the memory foam comfort layer will feel great if you have a slight build, as the foam can work with your "boney" body type to reduce pressure and increase comfort - although average, athletic and soft body types are by no means excluded either!


Fiberglass Free


3) Support Core

What is a support core?


Well, while the comfort layer of the mattress handles pressure relief, the support layer is there to make sure you don't sink too deep into the mattress while providing enough support for your spine and joints to keep them in proper alignment.


This Molblly mattress is made up of two layers that together make up 64% of the mattress depth to ensure that you are well supported.


This preference for support is important when it comes to all-foam mattresses because if the less dense comfort layer takes up the majority of the mattress depth, then you run the risk of excessive sinking, which can cause discomfort while increasing the likelihood that you will be swallowed up by the material, which will make it more difficult to move.


More specifically, the support core begins with a 1-inch soft foam transition layer to relieve pressure while working with a subsequent 8-inch layer of high-density support foam to stabilize the mattress and provide adaptive support for your spine and joints.   


 Molblly Design Analysis


Molblly Performance Analysis

In my opinion, the most outstanding feature of the Molblly mattress is its memory foam comfort layer, which can be precisely adjusted to your body type to relieve pressure and improve comfort compared to innerspring mattresses that have a non-memory foam topper.


However, it's important to note that this enhanced level of pressure relief comes at the cost of slower response times - meaning that the Molblly may feel more foam and gel-like.



But Molblly is hypoallergenic - making it possible to help you overcome sensitive skin and respiratory allergies such as hay fever while you sleep.


See below for more details.

 Molblly Performance Analysis


1) Firmness

I am personally of the opinion that this Molblly memory foam mattress is medium firm.


This means that if you are in the "average" weight range of 130lbs-230lbs, then as you lay on the mattress you will notice an initial softness that occurs when the lower density 3" memory foam comfort layer sinks under your weight.

Then as the foam adjusts, you'll begin to feel an underlying level of firmness that comes from the 2 inches of dense comfort foam to keep you from sinking too deep in the mattress, while also allowing the thrust of a denser support core to seep in and provide contoured support for your spine and joints.


However, the precise feel of this Molblly mattress will depend on your weight, body type and primary sleep position - I'll help you better understand that in the next comfort analysis section.


Molblly memory foam mattress is medium firm

2) Pressure Relief

Because this Molblly mattress uses memory foam in its comfort layer, the bed will feel like it's hugging your body.


This means you can expect very precise pressure relief in the most angular areas of your body, while also experiencing deeper comfort as the foam gradually adapts to more complex indentations and protrusions - such as your shoulder blades, lower back and individual vertebrae.


You can't experience this level of precise contouring on a traditional innerspring mattress because the top layer doesn't adjust to each part of your body individually like memory foam can.


Pressure Relief


3) Support

One of the biggest concerns people have when buying an all-foam mattress like this one is whether the support will be enough to hold their weight.

This is a legitimate concern, as even average weight sleepers can find themselves sleeping on what feels like a semi-inflated bouncy castle if the top comfort layer is too soft and/or takes up too large a percentage of the overall mattress contour.


But personally, I don't think this is a big deal if you weigh less than 200 pounds, because this Molblly mattress has a 2-inch high-density foam top comfort layer and an 8-inch high-density foam base that provides contour support along with memory foam that extends the entire depth of the mattress.


This means you'll feel the pressure on your joints being relieved while they are cradled to keep them aligned and pain-free.


4) Noise

Since this is an all-foam mattress, the lack of any springs means that the Molblly is a very quiet mattress.


Now, if you do experience noise, then you should check your bed frame to make sure it is assembled correctly - as squeaky beds are often a problem with the base rather than the mattress itself.


5) Maximum Weight Capacity

Although not explicitly stated, I feel that the Molblly foam mattress is capable of holding a double bed size of 400lbs-500lbs.


However, my personal opinion is that the Molblly mattress is not suited to be pushed to the limits of its weight capacity.


This is because while the taller 14-inch contour and high-density support core can provide some degree of great contour support, the all-foam design and higher firmness increase the risk of premature sagging and indentation when greater weight is involved.

However, the thicker contours may allow the Molblly to carry more weight than a thinner all-foam mattress that otherwise performs the same.


Personally, I think 200 lbs - 230 lbs is the upper weight limit per person for this type of mattress.


If you weigh more than that, then I would recommend a bed that contains springs - such as the Molblly hybrid mattress, which combines great support with excellent pressure relief through an ergonomic, double-sided design.



6) Couples

If you are sleeping together as a couple, then you will benefit from the full foam design which naturally inhibits the transmission of motion and cross-motion, thus reducing the chances of you waking each other up during the night when you shake.

Finally, since this is a thicker mattress, you'll want to make sure that each of you sleeps in a way that works with Molblly - there's more guidance on this in the next section.


 If you are sleeping together as a couple

7) Allergies


Because the mattress cover is hypoallergenic - this means it can help reduce your chances of reacting with the material of your bed, while also working with the all-foam design to inhibit the absorption of allergens.


This means you're less likely to have pollen or dust mites stuffing your lungs when you're lying on a Molblly mattress - so if you have hay fever or other respiratory allergies, it can help reduce the chance of an allergic reaction.



8) Temperature Regulation

Memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot - in the absolute sense that they're a poor choice when it comes to cooler sleep.


However, this Molblly memory foam mattress has features that help solve this problem and may actually help regulate the temperature while you sleep.


The main feature is a cooling gel infused into the memory foam layer to reduce heat retention - a point further enhanced by the breathable topper.



9) Odour

The CertiPUR-US® foams used in the Molblly means that the low VOC count makes for a mattress that’s less likely to smell ‘new’ after opening.


Long term, the hypoallergenic cover makes it harder for mold to grow – making for a more hygienic and less smelly mattress overall.


best quality mattress

10) Pain Management

If you tend to feel numbness or tingling when lying on your existing mattress, Molblly's memory foam comfort layer may be able to get rid of this by eliminating pressure points.


Also, because it's an all-foam mattress, you'll typically find that your body weight is more evenly distributed throughout the mattress, resulting in improved comfort - while the lack of springs means you're less likely to experience uncomfortable pressure concentrations around the hips.


Using a Molblly mattress can reduce pain associated with conditions such as arthritis because the foam can better adapt to your unique joint and soft tissue positioning, reducing pressure in these areas compared to less adaptable non-memory foam mattresses.


But, as always, I recommend talking to your doctor before you purchase a mattress for your specific health condition.



11) Price and Value

I think Molblly's price is fair compared to other full foam memory foam mattresses on the market.



Comfort Analysis

I believe that your primary sleeping position, your weight, your body structure, and their interaction with the quality of the mattress are the main factors in determining your comfort level.


Due to its heavier feel, memory foam top layer, and all-foam design, I personally believe that sleepers over 230 pounds would be better off without a Molblly foam mattress.


Instead, I think these features make the Molblly ideal for lighter and medium weight sleepers - especially if you are a "boney" body type, as the memory foam will take pressure off of the more angular areas of your body.


Here's a more detailed breakdown of each sleeping position.


Comfort Analysis


1) Stomach Sleepers

If you weigh under 230 pounds, you should have no problem sleeping on this mattress - if you exceed that weight, you run the risk of sinking too deep into the material and, in my opinion, ending up with back pain.


2) Back Sleeper

Sleeping on your back is more forgiving to your lower back than sleeping on your front - so I think that under 230 lbs, you can probably sleep on the Molblly in this position.


3) Side Sleepers

Personally, I think Molblly is best for side sleepers because it feels more comfortable and the memory foam surface eliminates the discomfort on your shoulders that you would normally experience on a firmer mattress.


4) Hybrid Sleepers

If you're the kind of sleeper who switches positions a lot during the night, then I don't think this is the best mattress for you because of the slower recovery time of memory foam - but if you weigh under 230 pounds, you'll probably be fine.



5) Edge Sleepers

If you are an edge sleeper, I don't recommend Molblly memory foam mattress because in my opinion, the edge support isn't very good. You can pick Molblly's hybrid mattress.


Side sleepers

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