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How often to wash bedding?

How often do you wash your sheets and pillowcases?

According to a survey in the UK, 35% of British people change their bed sheets every half a month, and about 10% of people change their sheets at most once a month.

So, how often should sheets and quilts be changed?

According to the American "Red Book" magazine, if bed sheets are not replaced for a long time, it will bring huge health risks, and they should be cleaned and replaced every 7-10 days.

Some people think that my bed sheets look clean and not dirty!

However, just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Human beings have to shed more than 200 kilograms of dander in a lifetime, and some of them will fall on your sheets and pillow covers. If you like to eat in bed, well, there will be food crumbs on the sheets. In addition, there will be various strange substances such as body oil, saliva and dust left on the sheets.

Studies have found that a person will leave nearly 100,000 milliliters of sweat on the bed every year. When mixed with other substances, the sheets become a wet and easy breeding ground for bacteria.

If your sheets and quilts have not been washed for more than 3 months, there will be more than 6 million mites sleeping with you every night.

There are many types of mites, most of which live in our beds are "dust mites". Their growth environment is similar to that of the human body. The optimum temperature for their growth and development is 25°C and the relative humidity is 80%.

So, our sheets and comforters are a haven for these critters that feed off our skin flakes while leaving strong allergen excretions in the bed. These allergens are inhaled as we roll in soft bedding and sleep soundly with our heads buried in our pillows.

 How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding?

How to get rid of mites and prevent allergies?

Frequent washing and drying of mattresses and quilts

Sheets: wash and replace every 7-10 days

Pajamas: laundered at least once a week

Quilts: wash every few months, and replace quilts after 5 years of use

Pillows: It is recommended to change it once a year

Towels: Wash every 3rd use and replace every three months

Pillow covers: washed once a week

Bath balls: wash thoroughly every 1-2 weeks and replace every three months


Reduce room humidity 

Reducing the humidity in the room to 35% to 40% can effectively eliminate dust mites. Therefore, when the humidity in the room is too high, a dehumidifier can help us solve the problem of dust mites.

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