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Why should we choose foam mattress?

A good sleep can provide abundant energy, and a comfortable mattress will not only bring people a comfortable sleep, but also have the function of healthy back protection. There are many types of comfortable mattresses, which mattress should we choose? What I want to introduce to you in this blog is the foamĀ mattress.

Sleep Clouds Gel Memory Foam Mattress

What do we need to know about foamĀ mattress?

1: What is a foam?

(1) FoamĀ is a kind of porous elastic material. It is a polymer material formed by soft polyurethane foam. FoamĀ material is widely used. Generally, it is made of soft furniture, such as sofa cushions and backrests, mattress cushions and beds and chairs. Cushion, etc., the foamĀ material has high resilience, strong fluffy feeling, and good resilience. This foamĀ material is very popular.

(2) The foamĀ material can be made into a variety of softness and hardness. According to the density, different hardness will be produced, so that there will be different sleeping feelings, and the cost performance is very high.

2: What is a foamĀ mattress?

As the name implies, it is a mattress filled with foam, and foamĀ is one of the most traditional mattress materials, and it is also the most frequently used filling material in mattresses and sofas.

3: Types of foam mattress

Ā Ā Ā When it comes to the category of foamĀ mattress in the market, the three groups of words that appear the most are high-density foam, memory foam, and gel memory foam. Visually, these three types of foamĀ mattress are the most common and popular foamĀ in the market Mattress type.

(1) High-density foamĀ is light and comfortable, soft to the touch, and cheap.

(2) Memory foam is also called slow rebound foam. After people lie on it, it can remember the S-shaped curve of the human spine, make our body and mattress fit better, support various parts of the body cleverly, relieve muscle tension, and effectively Certain antibacterial effect, pregnant women and children can also use.

(3) Gel memory foam, an upgraded version of memory foam, adds gel particles to the memory foam, retains the slow rebound and pressure relief of the memory foam, and incorporates the cooling effect of the gel. body temperature changes, adjust the appropriate sleep temperature.Ā 


4: Advantages of foam mattress


(1) The foamĀ mattress is comfortable and soft, which can perfectly fit the curve of the human body, adapt to changes in the weight of the human body, and relieve the pressure on the back of the human body. The foam mattress has the characteristics of lightness, comfort and softness, creating a more comfortable sleeping environment. Mattress made of this material also have good sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing effects, and frequent turning over when you sleep will not affect your partner's sleep.

(2) Comfortable foamĀ mattress Compared with other mattresses, you can choose a foam mattress with appropriate hardness according to your own needs, which can improve your sleep quality and create a high-quality sleep environment.

(3) FoamĀ mattress has high resilience and air permeability, and a high compression load ratio. Some fireproof cotton or flame-retardant cotton also have good flame resistance and are widely used.

The comfort of the mattress largely depends on the quality of the filling layer material. With the advancement of technology, high-density, high-elastic foamsĀ have appeared. The foam mattress is also easy to carry. It is also an affordable choice when the budget is limited.

If you want to know more about foam mattress,Ā please click here.

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