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What do we need to know when buying a mattress?

Sleep not only helps the regulation and recovery of human body skills, but also reduces and eliminates fatigue. From a long-term perspective, sufficient and high-quality sleep can promote the improvement of people's physical development and mental outlook. So what if you can't sleep well? Shoulder pain, back pain, how to do? A host of issues affect the quality of our sleep. At this moment, you must be worrying about not finding a suitable mattress.


cheap and good quality

But how do we choose a good mattress that suits us? Mattress is in direct contact with the human body during sleep to provide support for the human body, but as different people have different needs for mattress, our criteria for evaluating the quality of mattress are also different.

When buying a mattress, you need to choose the right type according to your own situation.


1: The evolution history of mattress: Thickening! Turn soft!

When it comes to what kind of mattress is good, everyone's first reaction should be the kind of soft mattress that looks thick and can't get out if it sinks in. It's a good mattress.

As early as when there was furniture at the beginning, everyone slept on those wooden beds or quilts made of cotton wool. Later, mattress became popular, but ordinary mattress in the early days did not have elasticity and long-term performance. There are more and more mattress brands, and the functions of mattress are also rich.


2: Types of mattress


Common mattresses: foam mattress, spring mattress.

Foam mattress

Cheap, soft and light, the first choice for renting a house, very warm, for the elderly who are afraid of the cold, foam mattress is a good choice (but not too thick, because the support is not enough).

The memory foam mattress in the foam mattress is also called "slow rebound mattress". The "slow rebound" characteristics of memory foam:

After the memory foam mattress is under heavy pressure, it can adjust the support according to the pressure of the human body on the mattress, slowly release the rebound force, and evenly disperse the pressure.

Spring mattress

Compared with foam mattress, spring mattress has better support and air permeability, and is more cost-effective. It is the most common mattresses nowadays. Whether it is comfort, durability, or protection of the spine, they are suitable for All crowds.


3: What kind of people are different mattresses suitable for?


When most people buy a mattress, they judge it by comfort, ignoring factors such as age, weight, and different materials.



Recommended baby mattress

During the development period, babies have relatively weak skeletal muscles, so they need a mattress with suitable hardness. For example, if a baby with a weight of about 3kg is on the mattress, if the depression of the mattress is about 1cm when the mattress is pressed down, this kind of hardness is appropriate and can protect the baby's immature skeletal body. If you use a crib, the mattress must be the same size as the crib, and there should be no gaps along the edge of the bed. Excessive gaps will cause the baby's arms, legs, head, etc. to sink into them, which can easily cause suffocation.



Hard spring mattress recommended


Adolescents who are in the developmental stage have great plasticity, and they need to pay special attention to the cervical spine. It is recommended to use a harder mattress.

How to choose a mattress with the right hardness for teenagers:


① Wooden bed + cotton batting: choose a hardwood bed, spread 2-3 beds of quilts, or put a mattress of about 5cm to 8cm directly on the wooden bed;


②3:1 principle: The mattress should not be so hard that it will not deform, nor can it be so soft that it will deform too much. For a mattress with a thickness of 3 cm, it is suitable to sink 1 cm by hand pressure. The same is true for a mattress with a thickness of 10 cm. A slight sink of 3 cm is suitable, and so on.




Independent spring mattresses and medium firm sponge mattresses are recommended

Adults are busy with work every day, and long-term work at desks leads to cervical spine problems. What they want most when they get home is to lie comfortably on the bed. A sponge mattress with appropriate hardness can not only relieve the pressure on the human body, but also provide comfort while ensuring softness. support



4: Mattress use and maintenance


Don't think that only cars and luxury goods need to be maintained, and the impact of mattresses on physical health should also make us realize that the protection of mattresses is also very necessary.

Ensure that the surface of the mattress is dry and clean;

Before using the mattress, it is necessary to restore the mattress to its original state;

Use a breathable and skin-friendly protective cover for the mattress;

Change and wash the mattress protector frequently;

Do not sit on the edge or corner of the mattress frequently, as long-term pressure on one position may easily cause the edge of the bed to collapse.


Having said so much about mattress, everyone should know how to choose the right mattress. There may be someone who will consider that there is no mattress with good quality and low price, don't worry! Now the Molblly Easter Sale is coming, up to $360 off mattress.I believe you will be able to choose your favor mattress in Molblly.

For more information about mattress, please contact us.

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