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Best Mattresses 2023

How to choose the best mattress for you?

Mattress technology has improved tremendously over the past decade. These changes have greatly affected the comfort and overall performance of modern mattresses. But different technologies and online mattress brands can also make choosing the right mattress quite difficult. Check out the list below for our picks of the best mattresses worth shopping in 2023.








By the end of this mattress buying guide, you should know all the basics of buying the best mattress for your sleeping needs. Key considerations when comparing the best mattresses online.



We think a quality mattress comes down to comfort and support. Different mattresses offer varying degrees of these two components depending on the technology used. Since comfort and support are personal preferences, it's important to choose what works for you.

Springs Mattress - These mattresses may be out of date, but they're more affordable and breathable than foam beds.

Memory Foam Mattress – These beds are all very popular right now, and the best beds are box mattresses made with memory foam. They are temperature sensitive and respond to your body's weight and heat to provide consistent, customized support and comfort.

Latex Mattresses – In addition to their longevity, latex beds are also popular for their lightness and support. If you're shopping for a latex mattress, you'll need to choose between a natural latex bed and a synthetic latex bed.

Hybrid Mattresses – These mattresses fall between two mattress technologies, primarily coil and foam. They balance comfort and support while providing just the right fit and responsiveness.


Mattress Firmness and Your Sleeping Position

Your weight and preferred sleeping style will have a big impact on how firm your mattress will be. Nowadays, manufacturers offer mattresses of different firmness;
Soft-to-the-touch mattresses are popular with lightweights who prefer a luxurious sleeping surface. Medium-firm mattresses offer near-hotel-level comfort, with just the right amount of support to cater to a wider market. A firm mattress is best for larger people and those who may sink too deep in bed.
People with back pain also tend to opt for firmer mattresses.

Mattress Size

There are at least 6 mattress sizes in the US mattress market. Your best choice depends on the space available, your bedroom style, and who will be using the bed. Below are the most common bed sizes on the market today;


Twin- 39" by 75"- 1 kid
Twin XL- 39" by 80"- 1 kid
Full- 54" by 75"- 2 adults
Queen- 60" by 80"- 2 adults
King- 76" by 80"- 2 adults and 1 child/pet
California King- 72" by 84"- 2 adults and multiple kids/pets

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